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Tire Replacement Warranty

Tire Damage Warranty

Get free 1-year Tire Damage Warranty exclusively from Pirelli by ATV* Receive extra protection exclusively from Pirelli by ATV. Get free replacement if your Pirelli tire is cut, swollen, or punctured within 1 year of purchase. Simply purchase 4 Pirelli tires from our authorized dealers and register online to receive free coverage. * Terms & conditions apply

Terms & Conditions

1.Customers must register to be eligible for Tire Damage Warranty for their tires at warranty.pirellibyatv.com and provide accurate information along with complete supporting documents. Registration must be done within 14 days of purchase; otherwise, the warranty will be void and not enforceable.

2.Tire Damage Warranty period is valid for 1 year (365 days) or a distance of 25,000 kilometers (whichever comes first), starting from the date of purchase stated on the receipt and/or based on the mileage recorded on the receipt (the store must specify the mileage on every receipt). In the case of multiple claims, the Tire Damage Warranty will only be valid from the date or mileage indicated on the receipt of the first tire replacement. Pirelli by ATV will replace a maximum of 4 tires per receipt within the 1-year warranty period.

3.Tire Damage Warranty covers tire damages resulting from normal usage, such as cuts, punctures, or bulges caused by impact from potholes, road hazards, or footpath curbs. It does not cover damages caused by intentional actions, such as tire slashing or cutting.

4.If the tire damage is due to manufacturing defects, such as bulging from production, tire tread separation, wire bead separation, or bead wire damage, the damaged tire must be claimed under the manufacturing defect warranty process. If a tire is compensated under the Tire Damage Warranty and incurs damages thereafter due to manufacturing issues, the quality guarantee from the production process still applies, and the tire can be claimed according to the standard procedure.

5.To be eligible for Tire Damage Warranty, the customer must present the damaged tire to the store where the tire was purchased and attach the receipt for inspection of tire information (brand/model/size) and vehicle information (brand/model/registration number) to match the information stated on the receipt and in the registration. If the information provided during registration does not match or cannot be verified, the company reserves the right to cancel the coverage.

6.When replacing tires, the company will replace them with the same brand, model, and size as the damaged tires, except in cases where the original tire model and size are no longer available. In such cases, the company will use a substitute tire model or size. If the new tire has a higher price, the customer must pay the price difference based on the price on the day of the tire replacement.

7.Tire Damage Warranty does not include service costs for tire removal, installation, wheel balancing, or nitrogen gas filling. The customer must leave the damaged tires with the authorized dealer for return to the company.

8.For damaged tires that have already been replaced and covered under Tire Damage Warranty, the damaged tires will become the property of Asia Tire Ventures Co., Ltd. following a successful claim.

9.This offer is valid from 1 January 2024 to 31 December 2024

Tire Damage Warranty does not cover the following cases:

1.Satisfaction with the product, such as the sound, hardness, or softness of the tires.

2.Tire size or model that does not match the vehicle’s usage or is not suitable for the vehicle.

3.Misuse, such as carrying excessive weight, worn-out tread, uneven wear, overloaded or modified vehicles, or using the tires for racing purposes. 4.Accidents involving collisions or any other accidents that do not directly involve the tires.

5.Natural disasters or fire.

6.Buyers who have not registered within 14 days of purchase.

7.Changes in ownership or possession from the original purchaser.

Conditions & Limitations

1.Tire Damage Warranty does not cover damage to wheel rims, hubcaps, or other related parts and does not cover accidents, personal injury, or property damage, including user injuries.

2.In the event that the damaged tire has been replaced with a new tire from elsewhere, the warranty applicant must provide the damaged tire to the appointed personnel of Asia Tire Venture Co., Ltd. for inspection. If the company confirms that the conditions are met as specified, the company will provide a replacement tire.

3.The company reserves the right to investigate the cause of damage to the car tire product before providing compensation.

4.The company reserves the right not to provide a replacement tire in cases where the company has inspected the damaged tire and found that the damage occurred intentionally or deliberately by the user or the distributor.

5.The company reserves the right to point out deficiencies in the inspection of the damaged tire and to modify the terms and conditions of this warranty without prior notice.

6.The company will take legal action if it investigates and finds that the dealer, including the distributor, has engaged in fraudulent activities that cause damage to the company under this warranty policy.

7.Please register for Tire Damage Warranty accurately and truthfully. Otherwise, Tire Damage Warranty will be void, and it will not be enforceable.

Registration process for Tire Damage Warranty

1.Customers can register by scanning the QR code attached to the tire or by visiting warranty.pirellibyatv.com and providing complete information.

2.The company will collect the information for registration in the system, which covers the warranty rights for the tire’s quality throughout its lifespan.

Contact information for filing compensation claims

You can file a claim at the authorized dealer where you purchased the tire following these steps:

1.Bring the damaged tire along with the receipt to the authorized dealer for verification of warranty entitlement.

2.Required documents for claiming warranty entitlement include:

2.1Vehicle registration copy (with license plate number matching the one registered for warranty) duly certified.

2.2Copy of the ID card or driver’s license of the vehicle owner, duly certified. Note: The damaged tire and accompanying documents must be complete for consideration. Otherwise, the claim will not be considered for compensation as per the policy.

3.The authorized dealer will contact Asia Tire Venture Co., Ltd. to verify the information through the online system and provide immediate notification of the decision on compensation. 

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